moment of time and point of space

moment of time and point of space

Hello people

I am pleased to be back to blogging. I know it is the same line everyone uses after a hiatus from writing. I would love to be part of the creative world and i am striving to be an active participant in the creative genre. These days i’m exploring bujo, art journaling, water coloring, crochet, macrame, coloring, sketching, book binding, etc.

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Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show

~ Pinterest

” so much of who we are is where we have been”

currently reading a few books and in search of library near me. Recently moved to new city and it is exciting to explore all the nearby places and meet new people. Will make this blog more engaging and professional in the coming weeks take care all… chao



close up of leaf
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Finding inspiration from the unique
yet plausible dreams

Mushrooms and butterflies
part of the fairy dream

Here and there
the mind wanders

all the time escapes
leaving the present moment

to cherish.

alternative background color cooking
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In a pot of mud or
in a glass of water
herbs heal.

Making Life Purposeful

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For me the current scenario is like finding my purpose in life, which is more or less a humongous task for me self. The tools I find that work to an extent is journaling and it helps to know how the mind works in mysterious ways and lets us know what to do and when to do and how well to do while pushing towards perfection at all time which itself is an utopian plan of action. See, perfection is in the mind and the mind does not go down on its benchmark for perfection always. Arts and crafts keeps me sane for the most part and utube teachers are awesome you see.

barefoot beach blur break
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Next comes adventure soul which needs to be constantly fed with daring adventures and thrilling pursuits once in awhile at the least. Our body needs fresh air and sunlight as much as it can get it gets better and better at making the fortress strong and withstanding. For me I need the beach air and salt water under my feet to make the most of it. In my residing place its pretty moist and low sunlight most of the time and so I have started craving sunny beaches for now. Rains and monsoons are good but not for the homely minds.

bonsai plant
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More closer to nature from residing place can be tricky and hence gardening comes to help out. Its like a piece of land with us makes us grounded and the aura needs it. My patch of green is pretty simple and straightforward just the ones which can survive without water for more than a week are my fav when it comes to gardening. It does not mean I’m not watering them properly it just means I travel a lot and these cuties need to survive however they find the way to stay hydrated. Rhizomes and bulbs serve the purpose well and good. More ramblings next time..

Bubbly Life…


Heya people,

These are water filled bubbles/pebbles. It feels squishy squiggly mushy. In full kind mode since yesterday. Valentine’s day and love month and all we feel is love and love only. Yesterday sun music was fully loaded with love songs. Remembering all the beautiful moments from yesteryears and yes yesterday was real fun. Coming to today, sky is in cloudy drizzly feel and my mood matches the universe, in need for some comfort food and comfort cozy siesta. Planning on working with wool today and read some book pages. Was also thinking of writing some stories or poems lets see…

TC all..

Song for the mood:

உலவிரவு  –

Think Goooooooooooooooood…

& feel Gooooooooooooood people..


Always remember the saying from ancient Tamil literature – சங்கத்தமிழ்

“தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர் தர வாரா ”

“Good or bad will not come to you from others”

This is the apt thought for the current day cumbersome, chaotic world which totally lacks patience and discipline. I am living in a big city and the traffic in the roads here does not have a proper dictionary word to explain it. Leave that thought for later. Pay attention to your thoughts always and keep editing and scrutinizing it so that there is not even a single negative seed of thought. I say it as seed, but i should probably call it a live cyst. Good – feel good thoughts rarely form a chain of feel good thoughts. Think of minus ones, there is a whole length of cargoes tied to that one single minus thought. Experts say that our thoughts form the basic units needed to build a strong DNA and that it is not always the build-in genes that makes your total and complete personality.

Always remember :

When something bad happens it was you who formulated the event by thinking that one negative thought. And at the same time remember that when you feel good you attract goodness towards you. Stay Positive… even if the whole world stands against you in the opposite direction. See no bad, Listen no bad, Talk no bad. Only then can you experience goodness in all things that is Life.



Amiable – Beautiful – Curious – Daring- Enigmatic – Ferocious – Gullible – Hearty – Innovative – Joyful – Karmic – Loyal – Miraculous – Noteworthy – Optimist – Poignant – Queen – Robust – Scintillating – Tough – Unique – Victorious – Warm – Xenial – Zestful

Just an attempt to put my personality into the alphabetical order – it does not fully describe me though…

Woolen Work


granny square

Granny square I made a while ago. I have to start doing crochet work as the season is turning grey and cold. Let me update after finishing up…

Inspiration and more…

Good day to all readers,

I am planning to create a vlog for inspirational purpose both for myself and others. It’s been on my mind for a long time now. This is an inspirational words board which I created during times of distress and it helped me a lot. After this I started BuJo and it is fun to do all the writing and drawing and doodling after a long time I am using all kinds of stationery items along with some new items like Brush pens and bold sketch pens. I started it as an experiment only but I hope to take it forward. Vlog creation + podcast listening + Pinterest exploring are my current hobby ideas. Many times I want to do a lot of new things and for that my share of investment in terms of money is considerably high. I would not disturb DH much this time. I explored some work from home options but in vain. I do not have idea as to who would be reliable or genuine when it comes to work from home.

I have started to de-clutter my space and there are a lot of doubts about what to discard and what not to. i see a lot of infographics with this regard but the final decision stays within my hands. See you in next post TC all…


Paneer Recipes

I’ve been trying few paneer recipes and experimenting with my own intuitions and it is fun. I tried all sorts of dishes with paneer as major ingredient starting from

  1. Chilly paneer
  2. tandoori paneer
  3. garlic paneer
  4. paneer tikka
  5. paneer butter masala
  6. shahi paneer
  7. paneer panaiyaram
  8. paneer cutlet
  9. achari paneer
  10. bharwan paneer etc etc..

This seems like an interesting adventure in the field of  cooking. I am yet to learn proper food photography to enhance the quality of photographs taken by me.