What to Read?

This book is quiet an eye opener and it shows us how different cultures lead about their lives in their own unique ways. There are few in this book that can be followed throughout the world – yet others are native to Japanese villages. A great read for those who want to find their one passion in life – their one purpose in life.

Milk Can Puzzle

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First and foremost, I know the solution and I am not going to share it here as I am pretty sure many will come up with more than right answers.

A Milk man has three measuring cans. He has 10L milk in 10L can and then he has one 7L can and one 3L can for measuring and distributing. For one order he needs to divide the milk into two 5 litres. How will he go about doing the distribution using only the cans available in his possession. Solve the puzzle

பூ அவிழும்..

என் மூச்சு குழலிலே உன் பாடல் தவழுதே
உண்டான இசையிலே உள்நெஞ்சம் நனையுதே
என் மூச்சு குழலிலே உன் பாடல் தவழுதே
உண்டான இசையிலே உள்நெஞ்சம் நனையுதே

my verse --

உன் காதல் கடலிலே உண்டான அலையிலே
என் நெஞ்சம் நனையுதே உன் காதல் கடலிலே 

I listened to this song and went through the day. Nothing out of the ordinary. After two days or so, I get into humming the rhythm of the above first 4 lines. I am getting mad because I do not remember from which song it is. It is very interesting crazyness that our brain works overtime to find it. I remembered it was from Siddarth movie, I kept searching for his new numbers from the new upcoming movie “Takkar” songs like “Nira Nira…” Only after one week or so I remembered it from being his other older movie and today I found the correct lyrics for that. Victory!!! In my mind the lyrics were something like the last two verses. It is a relief once you find what you were looking and your brain does keeps improving as we train more like this 😉

Source of original lyrics – https://www.tamilpaa.com/1447-poo-avizhum-tamil-songs-lyrics


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I always find it hard to begin topics of conversation in a group. I also hesitate and think what the other person might think if I started a particular topic. I am comfortable on one on one conversations and that way I get real connection with people. Many times I have wondered how the conversation might head if we deviated to a different harmless topic. Most of the time I hide – lets says stay with know members participating in that group, when attending group events. This may be a wrong move when it comes to professional events but it works out best to keep me safe when it comes to getting hurt by words or as to not hurt others by words. I am yet to learn how to be more outgoing and I do not think it will come to me naturally. During festivities and family functions it is indeed easier as no one would be in relaxed mode to look for flaws in others – though some are true experts when it comes to this scenario.

Current Watch: MY HOLO LOVE – K-Drama.

Roll Right Roll Left Swift Solution

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func movearound() {
    if isBlockedRight && isBlocked {
    }else if isBlockedLeft && isBlocked{ 
    }else if isBlockedRight || isBlockedLeft {
    }else if isBlocked{
    while !isBlocked || !isBlockedLeft || !isBlockedRight {
            if isOnGem {
            else if isOnClosedSwitch {

What to Watch ? 001

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What to watch which is interesting but that which cannot be watched with kids? To answer that many are there – from that let me suggest “Money Heist”. Interesting making and not of US origin. The cast is good and some viewer discretion is needed. The series is still not over… and many are waiting for the next season. The plot-lines and back stories are apt too. They keep you on the edge and it is automatic that we binge watch many episodes back to back. Few unexpected twists make it more thrilling.


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If I imagine one of my closest friend is invisible but who is always near me… Let me imagine……. I would think of this friend as the character in my stories who is a great friend. Lets call the character Jaadu. Jaadu would guide like a Guru. Jaadu would be straightforward when I make mistakes. Jaadu would make me aware of the surroundings if something is wrong. Jaadu would warn of forthcoming risks. Jaadu would play with me. Jaadu would be the replica of my God. Jaadu is especially interested about my well being and the wellness of my thoughts – i.e to keep my mind active and curious of all things natural. I would say Jaadu is more of my conscience than my friend. Jaadu may be a He or She. 😉