One Mind

The human mind is a dangerous graveyard. In that how many thoughts are sleeping in the memory graveyard!
The mind has got only a one way path. The mind which knows to remember, cannot forget things. The mind gets excited with the happiness and the moments of sadness gets carried away by tears.
Without the occurrence of the divine state of seeing happiness and sadness as one and the same, we cannot cure our mind’s painfulness.
Mind is the center stone of the human temple.
‘We will become the thing, which we think of intermittently in our mind’ says the Upanishads. ‘A person thinking of the light becomes illuminant. A person thinking of sex becomes a sex maniac. A person always thinking of truth will become the crown of truth’ insists the Hindu Mythology.
People with ‘One Mind, One Thought’ became great achievers in the world.
While performing the Ananda bairavi raga, if the mind mingles with the kalyani raga, then the performance will become a waste of time for the listeners. In whichever thing we indulge ourselves, our mind should go together with that thing.
It was the time when Swami Vivekananda went to America and hoisted the flag of Indian spirituality high on the sky.
While he was walking down the streets of America, some youngsters were trying shot down the egg shells tied on a rope as part of their training. None of them was able to shoot even a single egg shell.
Swami Vivekananda went asked those people to offer him a chance. Those people saw his saint dress and asked “do you have a training to shoot”. Swami Vivekananda said “Friends! Till now I haven’t touched the pistol. Now only I am going to see it for the first time. Yet I have the confidence that I can aim and shoot the egg shells without fail”.
Without any idea that he will be able to shoot and with a humiliating smile they gave the pistol to him. Swami Vivekananda stabilized his mind, and saw the egg shells hanging sharply. And then, he started shooting with the pistol and he shot all of the egg shells.
The youngsters exclaimed “how is it possible”
Swami Vivekananda said “If we were able to get the “One Mind, One thought” state then everything in this world is possible”.
The world will worship those who live with the “One Mind, One Thought” concept. A very good example for this is Lord Buddha.
He left the palace and all its pleasures, and went to forest to find the true way to get rid all miseries in the human life. He sat on for silent worship for nearly six months. No on ever have done this like Lord Buddha.
He tried to concentrate his mind to a single state without bothering about heat, rain, storm, winds, hunger and thirst. Even when his body became thin, his skin and bone came together and got dry, eyes went into the eyeball, even when his 12th rib was seen outside he continued his hard worship, yet he couldn’t control his mind.
Finally he got the result when he went and sat under a peepal tree and sat on pullasana. He sat with a firm mind that ‘I would not get up from this asana till I achieve the state of divinity, let my skin and bone burn, let my body melt, let my blood get dry’.
Then one Vaisaka poornima day [full moon day], when the moon spread its streaks of light, Siddhartha became Lord Buddha.
That same boy, who spent his boyhood in poverty, became the leader of a car company and became the richest man in America. He is Henry Ford.
When asked about his secret of success, he said “When we target on our aim and train our mind towards it, then the raw material for success will automatically reach us. When our mind gets concentrated on a single thought, then any kind of success is possible for anyone”.
‘Yoga’ means ‘getting ourselves involved’. In whatever we do, our mind should get involved in it; this is what is called ‘Yoga’. Explaining this concept A Great Indian Poet “Bharathiar” said “A neat barber is better than a Brahmin who chants Veda wrongly”.
At one point of time we should concentrate our mind on one single aim. If we turn towards ten directions, then we can’t rule even one.
We should remember the words of the poet John Milton ‘Thoughts that rise in our mind can change hell into heaven and heaven into hell’.
A life without ups and downs is like a music without upper notes and lower notes! In that there is neither a essence nor a beauty.
The cold December and the hot march together is time. The happiness and sorrows together is life. Who in this world is without a source less depression, an unreasonable hatred and bad memories that make us cry?
A heart injured with a sorrowful incidence and a fake smile in our lips. People suffering this should destroy the thousands of sorrows buried deep in mind, and learn to live a life with ‘One Mind, One Thought’.
Unity of mind! Is what the Veda of life we have to learn.