The Universe

          THE UNIVERSE



 The universe is an unimaginable mystery. It is the home for all and everyone thing. We can’t even imagine how it could have been created. But still it’s one and all. We should come to the conclusion there is something that is always superior to us. It may be the almighty or god. Whatever we say something is guiding us and we are born for some reason or the other. We should explore the ultimate aim of our life, for which we have been sent to this world. The place we live in is always a heaven in disguise. Think if we have born on some other planet or galaxy among some unimaginably mysterious people. The very thought itself is very very horrible.


                    Whatever we are we are for a good and noble cause. The only thing we have to do is to find out for what noble cause we have been sent to this beautiful world.


                    The world we live in immensely beautiful. We should train ourselves to enjoy its beauty. Even our whole life won’t be enough to see and enjoy every part of this beautiful world. Hence try for the utmost possibility to see the most of this earth and if possible the moon too.There is nothing in this world that is not worthy, instead everything is noteworthy. Everything minute thing is created for a reason. No being in this universe should be treated as inferior.


                  Even a single being has its own pride and uniqueness, then why not the humans. Give respect to all beings. We should respect the life of every single being in this world; let it be an insect or highly developed human beings.


                  Even the smallest being knows the meaning of its life and the purpose of its life. We have become so materialistic that we don’t hear the voice of the serene Mother Nature. We are getting away from her warmth and holiness. We should come back to her laps and feel the warmth and motherliness in her. Admire nature and conserve its pureness without polluting it. After all we are children of nature, worship her.