Everyday I see dozens of doves wandering here and there outside my window. The way they behave is so unique. They turn round and round for several minutes and then enter into their places. I enjoy watching the doves and the way they behave. The way they fight with eachother and the way they see and turn their necks are really interesting to watch.


I have seen three sets of mother doves laying their eggs in a plant’s pot. But I have’nt seen a single hatch of the eggs. Before they hatch, the crows hunt the eggs and make them their prey. This makes me sad for atleast a day.


I think of the eggs that did not hatch and that did not see the world at all. A small life that dies before seeing the world. I have tried to save the eggs and I and my mom always look after the eggs, coz there are crows that are always behind theses eggs. But when the dove goes out for a while and comes back, everything would have been over. So sad. Hope atleast a few eggs survive this time.