A Beautiful Sea Shore

A Beautiful Sea Shore Posted by Picasa

Everyone loves the ocean and the sea and
rivers etc. I too am part of that huge group
who are true lovers of beach and sea and water.
I can simply sit and watch the waves of the
ocean for hours and hours.
Imagine sitting in front of the huge ocean and
smelling the beach air and the waves that
comes running towards us and cuddle our feet.
It feels and smells so nice. The passionate sea
teaches us to be persistent. The waves and the
water are immensely powerful. Yet it behaves as
a child that hugs her/his mother with great
love and passion. This simple thing is very
much needed for us to learn more things.
Though the ocean has a huge and unimaginably
magnificient world within it, it keeps on trying to
grab more things from the land.
Like a great scholar having extensive knowledge within
might not stop and will keep on trying to learn
more from other people. The ocean teaches us to be
always thirsty for knowledge.
Known is a drop. Unknown is an ocean.