A Beautiful Night

A Beautiful Night
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A night so beautiful, with a lovely moon and a
beautiful river that glitters like silver.
Night is always beautiful and charming.
I used to go for a night walk in the moon light.
It is really an amazing experience to walk
on the streets with a relaxed mind.
When you walk on the streets you will hear the
sounds of night like the sounds of crickets
and the sounds of the waving branches of trees.
A night walk will bring joy and you’ll feel light.
Instead of watching the boring television, go for a walk.
If you don’t have a street suitable for you
to take a walk go upstairs to the terrace.
Walking while seeing the moon amd talking sweet
things with your friend, brother, sister or lover is
enjoyable, mind relaxing and great.
Your head till feet will get relaxed with
the cool winds of the night.
After this mind relaxing night walk
you will definetly have a sound sleep.
A moon may seem like disappearing but
it does not. Sometimes we may feel like lost
and empty, but that is not the truth.
A moon is always there, but sometimes it looks
like it is not there. A true friend is always there
for you, sometimes you may not recognise
the person. Look around for persons who
think you as their best friend yet
you may not know them.