Misty Forest

Misty Forest Posted by Picasa

A misty forest. The mist drops from heaven and
forms a beautiful curtain that makes nature
even more beautiful. A vision of nature
which is even more charming. The huge
mountains and trees covered by the clouds
and mist. An unbeatable art by the almighty.
Life does not show us anything and everything.
Somethings in life are at their best when they are
hidden or partially available. We can not know what
the other person is thinking, if we get to know
such things, no one would be in good and lasting
relationships. The exciting feature of life is
that we do not know and we can not guess
what will happen the very next minute. The
adventure of life is interesting only because of this
quality. Everything is misty and unclear and
suddenly a long awaited mystery may be
unveiled in front of you, an unexpected gift
may be waiting for you and may be a thrilling
experience is awaiting for your arrival.
“Life is an adventure, enjoy its twists and turns.”