Nature Hues

Nature Hues Posted by Picasa

The hues of nature are so wonderful. This picture
does not go well with this background. So I
was thinking for quite a while of whether to publish
this or not. But can’t help it, these flowers are awe.
You can click on the picture so that you can
see its beauty with a white background.
This picture is so beautiful filled with all
beautiful flowers in this world. A Flower bed
for all. A shower of flowers to worship earth.
Thats what I felt when I saw this one.
Little flowers showered from the sky to worship earth.
Little flower bouquets sent from heaven to praise earth.
Little soft petals touching mother’s lap beautifying her.
Little soft hearts holding the softness of petals are here.
Your heart is like a flower do not squeeze it to get
the fragrance, the fragrance is smelt only when it is left
as it is. Treat the other person’s heart also like a
flower with soft petals and soft emotions. Don’t
make some one sad even with your slightest expressions.