Underwater.. Posted by Picasa

There is a whole new world inside
the ocean more than what we see in land.
So many species, so many lives, so many
fights for survival and so many surprises..
Whatever we see in this world is not
even one by thousand of what is actually there.
That way, we are blind to many situations
like that of the underwater charm.
United they stand and divided they fall.
This aptly suits for the fishes. Not all fishes are
like that but certainly most
species of fishes are like that.
Wherever they go, they go together so that
the chance of them getting attacked reduces.
The way they move around in the water in
a similar pattern forms a defense against threats.
Every fish will move together with the shoal
of fishes in a similar pattern. Only then it will
form a shield. Similarly, a team is one where
everyone should co-operate and move along
with the group members with a motive towards the
group’s target. Then only success is possible.

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”