Distant Horizons

distant horizons

Walking alone towards
the distant star..
There were people
coming along with me..
Sometimes I wish there
were no one..
And some days I wish
atleast someone is there with me..
Whenever there is a storm
there comes a hand to rescue me..
Whenever I was happy
there comes a joyous person to double the happiness..
Whenever I was sad
there comes a caring person to wipe my tears..
Whenever I felt alone
there comes a person to wipe my loneliness..
Whenever I was suffering from pain
there comes a person to soothe my pain..
Always there for me..
Making my journey easier..
Caring for me..
Expressing love for me..
Encouraging to acheive more..
Motivating when I am down..
There is my Hope – always there for me – Till I reach the distant horizons.