I got this one from Niki’s Blog. This is a great list. Does anyone want to try??

Ten Things About You
1: I’m lovable
2: I love nature
3: I’m a student doing master’s degree.
4: Friends call me Aiz.
5: am too lazy to start a work.
6: But if started, I give my full attention.
7: l gaze through windows..
8: I love dancing when noone is around.
9: I have lots of frnds both in real life and in cyber life.
10: I love traveling, wishing to travel across the world.

Nine Things You Love
1: My parents.
2: My Sis & Bro.
3: Nature.
4: Aromatic soaps.
5: taking a cold shower.
6: India.
7: sleeping after switching off the alarm.
8: gazing through the window when it is raining.
9: Unlimited Music.  

Eight Songs You Love
1: Tu hi meri shabh hai – Gangster.

2: Tanha dil, Tanha safar – Shaan.
3: you’re beautiful – James Blunt.
4: Heal the world – Michael Jackson.
5: Hum milay na milae – Kisna.
6: Manjal veyil malayilae – Tamil.
7: Newyork naagram urangum neram – Tamil.
8: My Heart will go on – Celine Dion.

Seven Things You Wear Daily
1: Bangles
2: Hair clip.
3: Hair band.
4: gold ring.
5: Salwar kameez [& other garments]
6: Bindi.
7: watch.

Six Things That Make You Smile
1: sms from friends.
2: email from frens.
3: greeting cards.
4: funny pictures.
5: quick wittedness of my frens
6: comic scenes.

Five Things You’re Looking Forward To
1: heading to my hometown.
2: flight to anyplace
3: exam results – will surely be gr8.
4: update of my & my frens blogs.
5: Meeting my old frends.

Four Things You’re Scared Of
1: insects & reptiles.
2: nightmares.
3: death of my loved ones
4: a day with no activity – most scary.

Three Things That Annoy You
1: a boring day.
2: wrong calls
3: traveling in populated trains.

Two Of Your Favorite Books
1: Wings of fire -Dr. APJ.Abdul Kalam’s autobiography.
2: Art Of War – Tsen Tsu.

One Thing You Can’t Live Without
1: love with music.