Winter Winds

From Aizwaikcha

Winter winds are harsh and fierceful. Apart from
creating dry skins, it affects the health also. Winter
winds in cold countries are even worse. When we suffer
from such winds, we can always hope for the sun to
come soon. There is no winter for ever. Sun is always there,
but sometimes not enough to maintain your body
temperature. There are people like sun who are always
present, but you need them only at times of pain. They
are also there for you, but it takes time for them to
react as they were in postions which are unfavourable
for them to step out and help you. It does’nt mean
they don’t wish to help. They come to us as soon
as the direction of the winds change. Some people are like
blankets which take care of us during harsh cold winds.

“Everywhere angels are in disguise, The thing is to identify them.”