The Indian Republic.

Indian Republic

What are the changes that can be brought about in a vast deeply rooted nation like India?
I have thought of some…. if not to the extent of the whole nation, atleast to a smaller level.

1. Road maintenance and making should be leased to private organisations
with proper documentaion and warranty.

2. Water harvesting should be extensively practised.

3. Education should be such that they provide professional training in a particular field, rather
than providing theoritical knowledge. It should also be provided to elderly people to start new
small scale business.

4. Interviews should be held in local languages including an aptitude test for english.

5. Sports should be made part of every students’ exam with grades for participating and not winning.
Specialized sports colleges need to be started.

6. Tree plantation should be made compulsory, every home has two tree and a minimal garden.
People residing in flats should plant the trees in areas allocated for it and should have potted plants.

7. Arts and fine arts colleges should be valued equally like science and engineering colleges and more
number of colleges for this kind of education should be started.

8. Music and art should also become part of daily school activity.

9. Agriculture business should be paid more than any other profession.

10. Internal disputes should be handled with iron hand.

11. A network of youth should be started in such a way that their network members are part of
every organisation and any complaint, suspicious information, personal threat, or greivances should be reported immediately to concerned
department. Every passerby in a road should become part of it.

12. Wildlife and Forest should be maintained well with participation from every citizen, starting a
nation wide campaign for collecting funds for this purpose. Polluting of any form
should be punished strictly.

And many more…..

I am a proud Indian.


How many of you heard President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s Speech?
I heard it.