3 friends in a hotel..

Threes friends went to a hotel. The bill was Rs 75/-. Each one contributed Rs.25/-.The waiter took the bill to the cashier.The cashier was happy & decided to give them a discount of Rs.5/- & asked the waiter to return them Rs.5/-.Now the waiter was confused. How to distribute Rs 5 among 3 persons? He kept Rs 2 in his pocket & gave one rupee to each one of the 3 persons. So initially each one had contributed Rs.25. Now as they are given 1 rupee back, their contribution reduces to Rs 24. They all contributed Rs 24 — that is 24×3=72 & 2 rupees are in the waiters pocket.

The total becomes 74. But they had paid Rs 75.
Where is the remaining 1 rupee?.

Think….. Think…..
May God help you.
Check your pocket for 1 Rupee.

I know the answer. If you have not solved this please let me know. I’ll tell you where that one rupee is.

Eat something and try again.

The Answer For The This Puzzle…
As said by G3…..
“Actually that Rs.72/- includes the waiters tips too.. so the remaining Rs.3/- is actually what they have Re.1/- each”

We should not add Rs.2/- to Rs.72/- instead, Rs.3/- should be added as that has been deducted from their bill and it gives the total amount which they have given to the waiter. And the Rs.2/-, which the waiter has taken becomes part of their bill or tips, which cannot be included. Got it..

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