Blooming Valley

Blooming Valley

A very lovely morning.. So lovable that even a life long lazy fellow will love to enjoy its freshness. Slowly getting up from bed, she moves towards the window. Splitting the curtains apart, was visible the horizon with the newly born sun blushing to face the earth for the new begun day. She just stretched her hands and yawned. While going to the kitchen she picks the day’s paper and milk from outside the door. She mixes the milk with coffee powder to make a hot coffee. She keeps the rest of the milk in the refrigerator. Sitting in the swing she sips the coffee.. hmmm…. And starts to glaze at the paper. Thinking to get ready for the college, when she tries to open the cupboard, comes a quick flash of light from inside the cupboard.

When she opens her eyes she finds herself in a different place. Who wouldn’t say the place as heaven on earth? She also felt the same.. She turned around to look at the whole picture. There is no word to describe except, WoW. Flowers everywhere blooming like a grand greet. Smiling at her as though they have found an angel princess.. She walks to the end of the blooming valley to find a river which has a boat floating.. She gets into the boat, it drives her to a dark jungle as the sun sets. The jungle scares her through its darkness, suddenly the boat stops..



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