Wishes.. million

I wish…

My dreams will always come true.
My Life will be a beautiful poem.
My Relations will never part.
My Friends will never be lost.

I will travel across the whole world.
I will learn everything in this universe.
I will be enjoying my every moment.
I will be a lovable person to all.

I will keep succeeding in life.
I will have lots of nice friends.
I will keep listening to my heart.
I will help as much as I can.

I will always look up for the sky.
I will never stop admiring the stars.
I will not miss a rainbow.
I will keep looking for new sun rises.

I will never be away from nature.
I will never part from music.
I will keep admiring rain.
I will have a home facing the sea.
I will love the beauty of nature always..

Currently listening to:

Moi Lolita by ‘Ali Zee’.