Dream Castle

05_3_keep1They reached towards the distant castle. While entering the gate she experienced a splash of water on her face..

Get up! Get up! Aizwa!

‘Ma, there is still more time, Ma’- Aizwa pleaded for more sleep. ‘Yea! my Princess, but this is your first day in your college. You need to get ready na!, And do you remember or not that we are going out today for a reception so you need to get ready by yourself’.

‘Ok, Ma I am getting ready’. She got up and as soon she got up her Mom and Dad went out for attending a reception. She then went to the kitchen made herself a cup of coffee and came back and sat on the swing. Thinking that its getting late she went towards the cupboard. Then she left home to college. While she was walking down the street, someone from behind shouted ‘Aishwarya Lakshmi‘. She got irritated by that sound. Ignoring the shout she continued to walk. Someone touched her shoulders from behind saying ‘Aishwarya Lakshmi‘. She turned and found ‘Eshwar‘.

‘You, you idiot’. ‘How come you are here? and mind you… You already know that I don’t like people to call me by my full name, then why did you do that? Will you mind if I call you by the name ‘Aathilingeshwar‘?’

‘Ho.. ho relax.. I thought you must have changed your mind. I forgot to call you before… we got shifted to this place, that’s why I am here. And please call me Eshwar, ok. I am sorry girl’.

They both walked together. As their college campus neared they both were shocked to see the college’s view which was much similar to the dream castle they both saw in their dreams. They looked at each other. Eshwar exclaimed.. ‘Ikcha!!!…‘ and Aizwa exclaimed.. ‘Mahe!!!…‘. …….



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