Castle – Revisited


The Grand gates opened with grace welcoming them. Ikcha and Mahe entered the gates. There was no distinct path visible. As she started walking, the grasses made a path for her to walk. It was grand castle. She reached a fountain situated at the center of the garden. When she tried to drink some water from the fountain, to her surprise the fountain water extended its hand to shake hands with her. She gave her hand with a surprise and the handshake did not wet her hands but glided through her palms with chillness. When she was trying to come out this surprise, a small flowerpot came walking towards her. She bended and extended her hands expecting a hand shake.. But the plant gave her water to drink in a flower cup. She drank the water which she found the most tasty water ever..

Then again she walked towards the high built palace. When she opened the magical doors.. She could see the whole palace decorated with candle lit lamps everywhere. An awesome site to cherish. She looked around to find someone. No one was there.. there was a single door at one corner of the big hall. Only now did she found that Mahe is not with her. Worried about him, she reached the door. When she opened the door, her heart slipped a beat..



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