A puzzle to solve and a song to listen

Puzzle for you:

There were three milk cans and there was 10 liter milk which needs to be divided exactly into halves and should be given to 2 homes. But the point is that the milkman has only 3 cans…

1. 10 liter can.
2. 7 liter can and
3. 3 liter can.

How will the milk man distribute the available 10 liter milk equally among the two houses?Thinking time now… Think… Think… Think…

Music Now:


This song promo is from the new movie Naqaab which stars Bobby deol and Akshay khanna after the blockbuster movie Humraaz. I really liked this song a lot and has been listening to it again and again and again for so many times. I believe that you all will like it too. Give it a hear.