Mr. Kamaal & Ct. Cook

Captain Cook: (நான் cook இல்லப்பா..) Yea Mr.Kamaal tell me why you are so important to this world and why you are worth living?

Kamal Hassan:(யோவ்! என் பேர் கமால் இல்லயா) aan Mr.Cook! you know I’m doing this film called dasavatharam?

Captain Cook:(ஆமா அதுக்கு என்ன இப்போ) So what are you trying to convey Mr.Kamaal?

Kamal Hassan: யோவ்! என் பேர் கமால் இல்லயா….

Captain Cook: What?? What are you saying?? I didn’t get you..

Kamal Hassan: (ஓ! ஒலரிட்டேனா!) Oh nothing Mr.Cook.. I’ve done so many movies you know. Every movie has something to tell to this society. You should watch all my movies then only you will understand why I’m so important to this society.

Captain Cook: Is it so? Show me some clips now..

Kamal Hassan:(அட பாவி! ஏதோ தமிழ் புரிஞ்சுட போர மாறி..) Ok Mr.Cook.. But before that you listen to one more matter. In my forthcoming film I’m having a scene were I’m going to show how people can survive from a Tsunami – which is going to serve as a great help to this society. But those shots are yet to be taken and without me they cannot do it. I hope you can understand Mr.Cook.

Captain Cook: (இவன் பீலா உடறானோ?!! தெரிலயே?) Oh! Wonderful Mr.Kamaal. Thats a very valid point. But let me decide by seeing some of your clips now.

Kamal Hassan: (அடங்க மாட்டேங்கறானே! சே!) With pleasure Sir.. Here I’ll enact some..

And he enacts the scene from the climax of Devarmagan with the aruva he has got with him..