Bhool Ja..

Bhool ja jo hua usse bhool ja.. is currently my manthra…….This means forget whatever has happened. The song is rendered by my fav Shaan. I love many of his songs and this one is too good. God has given us with the boon to forget unnecessary things which has happened in the past. That unique quality alone keeps us alive. Otherwise no one will be able to live a life without forgetting the traumatic situations that has happened in the past. *Do not mistake. I’m in very good mood and I just thought of writing about the forgetfulness which can become a blessing many a times. And next is one of the very lovely songs Na jaane kyun… from Strings.. for the Spider Man-II.


“With great power comes great responsibility” – Spider Man. 😉

With this lovely note.. I think I’ll take a more than little break from blogging. If I get some time, I’ll sure try to be here to give a beautiful writeup. I’m more than busy now and it is truly unfair to think of blogging in the first place at this point of time. Will catch ya all very soon. Be sure to look for my not so often short posts amidst my break days also….