Nice Friends have Nice Things To Share

Hello Fellas,

My friend Niki-Chan has honored me with the Nice Matters Award. I am so happy that my friend has found some nice things in this blog. 😀 It gives me the motivation to write more of nice things… Thanks so much dear Niki… Huggzzz…


It seems I should forward this award to few nice bloggers I know. Its really not a tough job coz I visit only very few blogs – all of which has very nice things in it 😉 I would say all my friends have really very nice blogs and they deserve this award for Nice Matters.. [it is not numbered coz it is written in no particular order]

Whoever gets the award should forward it to 8 bloggers whom you find have nice matters in their blog.

I cannot think more as of now.. lol… so no more awards.. And from this saturday I’ll be away for a long vacation.. I hope to come back soon. Even if I have the network facility, I won’t be able to blog from there. So apologies from my side to my sweet friends here.. Before I take leave.. here I give you with a very sweet song which can touch the cords.. by Dr. K.J.Yesudas from the film Kalaignan. K J Yesudas has a butter like voice which can melt anyone’s heart. Here goes the song endhan nenjil..

Take Care all, Much luv as always…. muahh…