A New Hope – Pudhiya Geethai

Hello Friends,

How have you been? My trip was great. Though I am tied up with lots of work now, I’m here to give a short note to all beloved good hearts – my friends – zephyr friends. Yesterday, I got a glimpse of some scenes from the movie “Pudhiya Geethai”.

Though I’m not much of Vijay fan. I really liked this particular film of his. Some truly inspiring and motivating thoughts blended with the movie line. And surely the climax was overtly done and was not realistic at all [ but it seems to be the best climax for that particular story – though it is unacceptable to almost everyone ].

Watch this film when you feel really low/down. I am sure you’ll get back your energy and confidence. And you’ll start celebrating your life again.

The above still, is taken from a scene where vijay explains to the little about the meaning of each finger. In this film he has a sixth finger to which he quotes “ITHU SARATHI SPECIAL: AARAVADHU VIRAL, ‘NINAIPADHU MUDIYUM’“. That’s what we should believe in Life.

In this film, the charachter ‘Sarathy’ is bubbling with lot of energy, highly skilled, and mastered to do multiple tasks in one time and having a great memory. I guess, that’s what we should believe of ourselves.