Scarlet Flower

Morning when she woke up, there was nothing as seen the before night. She was in a new mood. And her room was also new..

So much has changed that she couldn’t even guess that it was her home. There were big trees and a beautiful forest background. She thought, may be her room had a new wallpaper. The next moment when she kept her feet down the floor. She felt the chillness. It was not the mosaic floor. It was green grass filled with the night’s dews.

She went towards a big branch and slightly lifted the slender branch, there is what we call the heaven. The sun was rising with great charm spreading its rays to bring life to the whole world and the forest too.

The sun glowed and she felt like she has got some amazing charm and power in her eyes. As she was enjoying this natural plunge in sunlight, she stepped forward to get a closer look. It was a big cliff from where the whole forest was clearly visible. Suddenly she heard a ssssszzzz sound from behind. She just turned to see…