Nature Goddess

Ikcha and Mahe found a gorgeous lady with a leaf crown crying aloud. They both reached towards her and asked who she is and why she is crying in this lone land? for which the lady replied: ‘Oh! sweet children of mine, I’m Mother Nature who guards this nature paradise.’ Ikcha found herself both in joy and melancholy as she heard it from the Nature Goddess. Joy for she never ever imagined meeting Mother Nature in person. Melancholy for she seemed to be in a terrible condition in which she never expected a Goddess to be. Ikcha inquired about why she was crying. Goddess replied – ‘My child! Now I’m in a dangerous situation dear. You people should not have come here at this time. Its my responsibility that I take good care of the good people visiting here like you. Please move on children till you reach the blue color pond. There you will find a green hut. Please take shelter there till I reach there. Now, leave; hurry up children. Pakshi! take my orders. Its your responsibility to make sure that they reach there safe. Come on! leave now. I’ll see you in few hours time.’

According to the Mother’s orders all of them followed pakshi’s directions. Finally they reached the blue colored pond beside which was a green hut. They got down from their horses and one by one entered the small hut. Ikcha entered the hut worrying about the Nature Goddess. It was then that she came back to reality, she found herself as Aizwa in her real world with her mom Saakshi and dad Vishwa in an entirely new place. She had never been to this place, though she found a drastic similarity of this place with the castle in her dreams. She found beautifully lit and arranged candles as she has seen in her dreams.

She tried to recollect how she came over here. Last evening she was returning home along with Eshwar. His home was opposite to hers. As they both reached home, they found a peculiar sounding bird in a tree in Aizwa’s garden which caught their attention. And they both went to their respective homes. In 5 minutes time Eshwar came to her running and told her that his dad has brought him a new horse Megan. She exchanged a strange look and smile and said ‘Hey, even my papa has brought a new white horse Varshi for me. What a coincidence?! Its becoming very weird Eshwar. I am not sure what else is going to happen in our lives’. And later in the night her dad disclosed that he got a leave by some sudden luck and that they all will be leaving for a hill resort tomorrow afternoon. It was a hotel in that hill resort in which she was attending the candle light feast. She slipped out of the room to the balcony where the silver moon spilled silver light on her. She talked to herself while gazing at the moon “What else is gonna happen in my life? Oh God!”.



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