Poverty – Its viciousc ycle

Picture Source: www.fao.org

Poverty and the complications developing due to it are envisioned
long long years ago. Yet no proper reliable methods or strategies are
used for eradicating it. Even if the government runs extensive
campaigns and introduces schemes for their welfare, nothing could
completely eradicate poverty. Still innumerable people are suffering
below poverty line with only one meal a day or not even that. Deaths
due to poverty, hunger and starvation are counting to be the most even

And now with the global economy crashing, even more well to do
people enter the poverty zone. The world is cruel enough not to give
them a hand to raise from the sufferings. There is abundance of wealth
in one part where people find newer and stupid ways to spend the excess
money they have got. And there is another part of the world where
people have got nothing but a torn out dress with no shelter, no penny
to spend and not even potable water to fill their flattened stomach.

Some strategies that can be followed(to my knowledge)-

1. Share the wealth from the wealthy to the unwealthy; if not wholly, a part of it will do the needed.
2. Physical work to be given the respect it needed – not that those who
use brains to work are only working. Brains can work only when stomach
has food.
3. Equally reasonable pay to those who engage in physical work for earning.
4. New government policies to provide common shelter places for BPL people and provide food in subsidized rates.
5. Citizenship and employment as means to get and ask their rights.
6. By bringing up extensive farming rather than small farm cultivations quality farming and ample food.
8. Proper water harvesting and maintaining underground water resources so that in near future we can prevent water scarcity.
9. Encourage small scale business.
10. Extensive institutes to provide work oriented vocational education
so that they can begin working as soon as they complete the course; The
course should be offered as short term courses and the fee should be
either subsidized or should be nil for BPL students.

~ Eradicate Bribery to make all this happen and to bring poverty eradication to effect.

These have raised from the really small brain of mine. Big people
can think more and can definitely do more towards eradication of

I did my part today by playing freerice, and going to hunger site.