Poems – Purely fiction

Purely fictional poems based on some self prompted words and/or prompts from websites and may be inspired from some stories and their central knot.

Faceless enemies
Shapeless weapons
Directionless thoughts

Drenched in darkness..
Fear creeps in as many
soulless humans emerge

Missing is the final link to destiny.



Strangled in a closed cubicle, her heart pounds
In fear of creepy animals crawling into her bed
To suck her cold blood unmindful of her virgin soul.
Her palms which once holded the lady of love,
Is now deserted..
Her emotions are dead-
She remains alive with the scars and pain.
Little did she know!
Her story has only the torn pages of love.



The lady cocoons herself in a cubicle.
Working all day and night.
She is little workaholic.
One day, she looks up her cubicle,
To relax herself, and
Finds what she was looking for-
The prince charm of her life.
A butterfly emerges from her cocoon..
Yes, She is in love, in the magnificent aura of love.
Cupid wrote her pages of love beautifully..
They both hold palms together
Walking bravely in the yards of their guardian angel.


There was no difference
of opinion between us.
Yet, I suffer because he left me.
It aches to see a friend leave
without any reason..
Later I found out he never left and is
Still in search of me.
I regained a true friend.


It was late,
the damage was done.
Like a corpse she stays,
with no emotions
in her eyes
and no smile
in her lips.
His words cut her little heart
like the sharpest of the knife.
Cut heart is still bleeding
the pain never subsides.