Want to get inspired?


This one came as a sms to me. It seems that the quote is a japanese proverb. Whatever it may be it has inspired me and is still inspiring me and so it is here now.  And know what! monsoon is here for this year. It feels cold.  Admiring the nature’s gift can never be so joyous and peaceful.

Like a window pane

I silently watch the dripping drops

everywhere around my home.

Update: Spent whole day shifting my nature blog here. It is so tiring. Yet I wanted it to get done as I can update only one blog regularly. Maintaining two is not only tough and also splits your posting ideas where one set of readers get to read only part of my writings. So welcome my blogger friends here to this new blog home of mine. Earlier also I have said about the migration, but this time it is going to be permanent. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for accepting this change.

Movie Update: I watched “The pursuit of happiness” and “Happy feet” after many days of waiting. 😀