Collection of blog reactions

This is a collection of blog reactions for the Mumbai attacks from my side – from blogs I visited.
iron hands

  • Mumbai help – offers some real time help and support.
  • Mumbai attacks, mumbaiattack, mumbaiupdates – offers updates about the situation.
  • Kavimusings – “So you had another swipe at us again. Like you did some months ago. And some years ago. Like you did at some other place. Ok.
    But lest you rejoice that you won, i just wanted to write and say, we’ll get you. I may be a little perturbed today. My fingers sport a slight tremor as i type this. & the soul reeks of anger like a broken perfume battle. Images on TV are indeed depressing. But make no mistake, we’ll get you.”
  • Human Universe – “No more negotiations, no more waiting and no more speculations. Just get them, and clean up the country. This is ridiculous,”
  • Pria – “For all those innocent lives where their FREEDOM was taken away and bravely fought by Indian officers. Such a coward act where these humans are brain washed with no feelings and emotions in the name of God. If humans cannot accept “humans of so called religion” don’t kill innocent people and show you are nothing but a beast. “
  • Vijay – “We value your visits to India
    …to learn more about the culture,
    …to visit the Taj, Udaipur, Goa, Pondy and Kerala
    …to discover and enjoy nature’s bounty,
    …to understand religion and spirituality,
    …to do business,
    …to study,
    …to get medical care,
    …to promote Tourism
    But do not value your visits when you come to destroy all that and promote Terrorism.”
  • Sweeti – “Peace is and end to all the hate
    Peace is why we negotiate
    Peace for all the victims of war”
  • Ajay – “Muslims should realize this. The terrorists don’t enquire about a person’s religion before he could fire at. The victim could well be a Muslim himself. So don’t fall for their gimmick. These people really don’t want us to live peacefully. Reject all these Pseudo secular politicians.When other countries can effectively control terrorism, why India is lagging behind? Please don’t connect secularism to control terrorism. Don’t wait for the people to loose confidence on a fellow Indian. If a community starts looking another community in disbelief, it might lead into a civil war.”
  • Compulsive writer – “Our Prime Minister, Chief Minister or even the nation’s President, have failed to make an impactful speech that makes the citizens believe that we can get over this ordeal. What’s worse is that they do not even appear shaken. At this point, I keep thinking of Mayor Giuliani, who emerged as a New York hero post 9/11 and built the city’s morale back into shape. Do we have such a leader? Do we deserve such a leader?”
  • Shweta “I read the newspaper…people are suffering, some have lost their family members and some are still in danger. Those who are alive will never be able to forget what they have watched, what they felt. An exploding blood bath!”
  • Ananya – “I salute all those  people who are co-operating with commandos.All those people who haven’t lost their hopes yet that their relative would come out of The Hotels safely.”
  • Kanagu – “I have no words here.”
  • Vishesh – “As Mumbai faces its first terror attack,Chennai is washed out thanks to torrential rainfall. Coast to coast the country faces problems,as stock markets and schools are closed.”
  • Neha – “Why! Is there ever going to be any answer?
    Such madness.. what drives these people to do all this? What goes on in their head?I can never understand..It surely cant be religion.. when ur firing indiscriminately at hundreds of people, the bullet is not going to differentiate on the basis of religion..”
  • Yashita – “Why us. What have we done? Alright we aren’t the most peaceful of countries, we have our own internal disputes and regional wars, all thanks to the politicians. But why the hell do terrorists keep bombing such an amazing city as Bombay? What harm have we, as a country, done to any other country?! Then why us? Why can’t people leave us alone?”
  • Charming Silvermoon – ” STOP TERRORISM

Finally, some thing from my side –

I was thinking if a country like america with less man power can control terrorist attacks so effectively, why can’t we with no bound for the strength of the man power sitting still without taking any action. There are so many voices like above speaking against terrorism. No religion is to be blamed only the big holes in the security and intelligence system has to be blamed. We need to have more watchful eyes and more strong hands to seize the anti-social elements. I wish the revolutionary awakening begins right now.

[P.S – blog reactions in no particular order.]