Blue was the Color

Blue was the color. She seemed worried as she entered the blue color painted room. Missing her son for about a day was more painful than she had expected it to be. She never ever thought that one day her son will not be with her. She woke up in the morning knowing that she was way behind late to go to university office. She had got exam correction work to do which needs to be submitted that day. She got up and looked in the mirror to see a total stranger with strangled hair and reddish eyes. The before day also she slept late after coming back from the university at 11:30pm. She could not think anything but going to bed. This morning was more worse a situation. She got up checked with the to-do list, brushed and put herself a stupid gown which didn’t suit her grace and appearance. She went to the fridge, got herself a chocolate drink and asked the maid servant to come home in the afternoon and look after Arvi. She locked the door, turned away with a side bag when she saw that her name plate was dangling away from the nail. She adjusted it and read it with pride Mrs. Anoushka. MSc, MPhil, phD – Reader in Forensic Science, Medical University, Mumbai.

Late that afternoon her maid called her and informed that her son was not at home when she came there. Confused, she called up Abhimanyu.

‘Hi shika! What’s up?’

‘Did you pick Arvi from home?’

‘Oh Arvi, I miss him dear. How is he? I’ll be back home today dear. My stay here is over tonight. The job is done which needed my attention.’

‘He is fine. You take care manu.’

‘Ok shika, bbye.’

‘Bye da’

She wondered what could have happened to her little son who is just 12 yrs old. Nothing came to her mind. She just got up from her seat and picked her mobile and left to the time office and signed for a leave and went straight to drive home. She hurriedly dumped all her things inside the car and opened the door. She got herself in and adjusted the rear view mirror. She reversed her safari. She started putting gears with all thoughts focused on the reasons for her son’s disappearance. ‘Is someone trying play pranks?’ Is my son going away from me?’ ‘Will he be fine and back home?’ ‘What could be the reason?’ ‘Has he been suffering and had no chance to discuss it with us?’ ‘Am I thinking stupid?’ ‘He will come back; He will come back sure’.


She dashes her car upon a bicycler. ‘Oh god, What did I do?’ The cycle rider was not get hurt when she looked out through the other side window. She muttered a sorry and returned back to her driving seat when she noticed something from the corner of her eyes on the other side. Something strange. She looked back on the rear view mirror the other side. DAMN..

How she didn’t notice it so far!! There she found a stick bill with blood dripping from it. She was shocked and reached for that bill. It read.. “THE GOTHIC ADVENTURE IS YET TO BEGIN – the lost family member will never come back and it’s a promise.”

For a second she could not think, everything was blank. She returned back with buzzing horns from behind her. Her mind pulled her back to the buzzing life of the city. She started driving again promising to herself that she will not allow any harm to touch her little kid.

End of The Science Fiction Story "Blue was the color" Part 1  ~ To be continued………..