Jai ho Rahman


A R Rahman, the talk of the world after winning the Golden Globe, Bafta, and the Oscars. He has made all Indians proud by representing India in the stage of world film makers, honoring our country India, praising his mother quoting the lines from a bollywood movie, showing his pride for his mother tongue Tamil by saying "ELLA PUGHAZUM IRAIVANUKKE – எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே!" meaning "ALL PRIDE IS TO GOD HIMSELF", highlighting the strength of love by saying "I chose love and so I’m here" and also exhibiting his love for music by performing ‘Jai ho..’. Every bit being humble makes him more and more lovable and likeable. Height of Humbleness, Passion for Music, Sincere to God and Glory to India.  JAI HO RAHMAN.