Blue Was the Color II

It was devastating an event to happen in her family. She called manu again. This time the ring was going but he didn’t pick up. She tried three four times, yet there was no answer. She left a voice message stating the situation to her love. She drove as fast as her heart was pounding at that moment. She was not happy with what was happening, not at all happy. She buzzed the horn loud and the watchman opened the door with a horror struck face. She called him up and asked what all happened from morning.

The watchman was a guy from the south. He was strong and honest as they have brought him from their hometown down there in South-India, a small town Aanandhur near Coimbatore. Anoushka got married in that town only and her family and Abhimanyu’s family all reside there only. `It was a small town filled with nature, celebrations, street fights, relative faces in every street, friends nearby, a creek, two temples and lots of trees. Their hometown has taught them a lot on how to live a peaceful life. Abhimanyu and his lady moved to Mumbai because of Abhimanyu’s esteemed job. He works as a lead scientist in charge of the research activities carried out in the Indian Institute of Fundamental research in collaboration with Nehru centre for scientific research. The research activities are mostly secretive as it is for the Government of India’s undercover projects. The projects are mostly for the good of the non-civil employing Bio-technology and all related science fields.

The watchman informed that the maid came really late. Till the time Arvi was happily playing with the newly bought virtual sports device. Arvi never seemed a normal boy. He avoided playing with other boys. He never talked freely with his classmates. He looks always out of the world. He asks weird questions, likes indoor games and always in search for some odd facts in the Web.

Only once in a week or so he gets a call from a little girl named Swas who is from a native marathi family. She talks so sweetly and asks for Arvi-

“Hi Mrs. Anoushka, Can I speak to Arvi? Please..”

Whoever listens to her will fall in love with her cute, soft and little voice. I wished I could see her once and give a long awaited kiss as a token of my love for her. I guessed she must be an angel.

One day when I asked Arvi of where she stays, He didn’t reply immediately as if waiting to align the right kind of words to describe it.

Arvi said “ Ma, she stays in an asylum where she resides for six days a week and only once she comes home to be with her family. And she calls me only during those family reunion days. She is so good ma, yet they do this to her.” He started crying for her.

I consoled him and asked the reason behind. He said “She is just normal as anybody at her age is Ma. She talks sweet and she loves music, she is cute and she has one habit of sitting near the window and staring at the sky without knowing the length of the day or the arrival of the night. Only for this reason her parents thought that she has got some spirit over her and admitted her to this asylum. So sad la Ma”

I could not understand it. What could be wrong in just starring the sky. Incredulous act of stupidity I concluded.

“Madam, Madam!!”

“yeah! yeah! Tell Velu.”

“He never left the game room. He was playing till I went to switch on the water for the garden. When I came back, the maid has come and she said that when she came she didn’t see the boy. I was surprised and so went to check the room. The game was on but Arvi was missing madam. I could not believe my own eyes madam.”

“Is it so..!!”

She got down from the car and went straight to Arvi’s room. She found the dispersed toys and joystick and the huge game system alive. Her eyes were in search of the little kid, which she could not find. Life seemed a big zero with nothing inside it just hollowness and emptiness. She made up her mind and went on search of the clues she could get which might help her in finding her son. Being a mother she found the depth of the situation more deeply hitting her in reality. When she was browsing through Arvi’s online conversations she was involuntarily running her eyes through the friends’ conversations. Nothing seemed more important than getting back her little son who knows nothing but to love and help others who are in need. Suddenly one particular conversation caught he eyes: “‘Gothic Universe’ calling prince arvi.. Respond soon in late afternoon, the doors will be closed for you after that…” For which the reply from Arvi was a seemingly strange idiom “Prince may seem invisible and he shall win the kingdom”.

Shika was shocked at this reply. She never thought a 12 year boy could be in such a situation and his level of thinking was beyond normal levels of anybody’s thinking. He was young and was kind enough to have helped whoever was in touch with him and he was soft spoken and was like a next door shy boy.

She searched for more conversations from the same sender. She could not find more as the previous ones were all erased leaving behind only this scrap message to start with. Everything blacked out from her mind; she went into deep thinking when someone knocked the door informing that he came to return the newspaper. She thought must be from the next building. And got the paper and came back to her seat. She wasn’t interested in looking at the paper, must be some silly news. All writing the same stuff in different versions and nothing but politics is such a boring thing to read and think about in the present situation. She kept it aside and came to the thinking process from where she had left it earlier. She was not sure what might be causing to behold her from moving forward in the investigation.

When her eyeballs moved from the location of the monitor towards the windows she saw something weird and unusual what was it?? She returned her gaze from the window towards the monitor and now she got it. It was the newspaper which showed an advertisement about the scary party of the year. It read..


Shika wondered how come everything I see turn out to be some message from my son who wants me to rescue him soon! Everything leaves a valuable clue or may be some misleading information!!

End of The Science Fiction Story "Blue was the color" Part 2  ~ To be continued……. Ends in next part.