Blue was the Color III

She went to that location dressed in all violet like a scary fairy. Was she
expecting a real party there? It was not so.. What she could see there was only
a big deserted hall where it was all filled with game stations and everything
was out of light when only one game box was twinkling like it was having a
fluctuating power supply. It read “PARTY OVER HERE: insert the violet band in
the slot provided to see the others in action and you can join the action by
using the joystick”

She did what it demanded and kept silent when the game station started vroom.  A dial tone was heard and she picked the
joystick and started playing like how arvi used to play. She heard something
very minutely. She sharpened the ears and listened again. It was Arvi, she was
damn sure. She shouted ‘where are you arvi?’

“Tie your one eye with a scarf mom.. fast fast” he said.

She did so. She asked again about the whereabouts.

“Mom these people are dangerous mom. I dunno how I got into this world but I was playing the video game when something strange happened and after I woke up I was here in the dark world. I am so scarred but I was sure you would come to save me Mom. They are looting the kids by mesmerizing them into the game world. I am
not sure about how it works mom, but please save me mom. There are thousands of
kids in this world. Do something mom. Soon. The final
clue is the game station’s logo showing a black dressed priest holding a sword
such that it faces earth. Find the monster mom. I managed to reach you from
here through a worker here who can transit to both worlds and they acted as carriers. Love you mom”


She broke down and cried aloud. She looked for the logo which arvi had
mentioned. It read “ SWORD GAME STATION SERVICE – black horse restaurant, sea
facing, 10th floor.”

The mystery seemed never ending. It all happened because of a virtual game!!!
How can a game swallow kids into a different world without actual physical
travel. This all is turning into a strange reality were its only me who knows
things or may be not even me.

Aaja main hawoon main baita ke le
chaloon tu hi tohh meri dost hai….

She picked the call, it was manu. “Oh God, finally you came manu. Where are
you? Did you find what has happened to our son? I can’t………”

“Common dear, I’ve come and I know what to do? I have launched a complaint
in Police station and also in cyber crime investigation cell. You need not
worry shika. He will be back before tonight. I am sure about that. Where are
you? I’ll come and pick you up.”

Manu comes and both of them go to the lift and got inside it. They searched
for the number corresponding to tenth floor and there was none by that name. So
they pressed 9. They went there and used stairs to go to the terrace.

Nothing absolutely nothing was there.. just plain terrace. When shika was
wandering around the place crying aloud, she experienced a strange feeling of
something passing into her soul. Then she looked back, she could not find manu.
He was write behind her the before minute and now he is gone. ‘how could that
happen?’ I cannot miss one more person to this prank. It was all dark and she
could find nothing in the darkness. Then arrives the black dressed faceless person
holding a huge sword. He approached her and slowly came out of darkness………..
yes Arvi with his friend Swas. The sword man blackmailed to kill both of them.
She got terrified by this and shouted out loud….. Manu… and there she feels
something solid in her back. She reaches for it and she gets hold of a thick
stick. She cries and signals arvi to come to her side. He being so nice and
helping by nature calls swas along with her. Shika plays a little prank
crushing the bangles she wore and by throwing her bangles towards the sword
man. Both arvi and swas come to shika and then in a jiffy she and both the kids
were away from the dark zone of gothic universe and were pulled by manu. Beside
them were standing few police men and others helping manu.

There they are away from mysery. But Arvi says there are more and more
children caught inside. Manu and others plan a trick and reach inside to get
hold of the monster and all other children. Finally at the investigation it was
found that the terrace had a holographic border to shield it from outside
world. The person behind was a tech savvy geek who had mental problems and so
thinks that he is the savior of mentally challenged children and so picks all
of them to a better place than the original place they stay. There goes swas
and finding that she has reached home that weekend he searches for her. Knowing
that this kid too is a friend of swas, the game world pulls in arvi as well.
Their transport into the game world was not true but he ws asked to come to
terrace at a particular time when he was picked from there by another
holographic flying object. The mediating person who informed about the asylums
was little normal and so tried helping these kids by choosing shika as the
right person to do it. That was the one who hit shika’s car earlier the day.

The family is reunited and swas remains with her parents and arvi becomes
normal with good habits more than just computers and internet and games. Swas
and arvi go to the same school and became thick and thin friends for life.
Shika and manu were more than happy having found their sweet kid. Their love
for him has made things possible. And they started spending more time with him
than usual and they take him to their home village every term holiday along
with swas, the little angel.

Blue was the color which the geek used to make his holographic things work.
And there it is in Arvi’s room as wall paint.


PS- While writing I was not sure how it ends. The story flowed according to my imagination.. Tell me if it was nice and was it an apt finish.

PPS- This weekend there is my cousin’s marriage. So I’m really busy shopping for her, buying gifts, arranging some necessary things for her in her new tobehome and preparing myself for the occasion, so won’t be able to come to your virtual homes this week Take care all..and forgive for my absence.