Wall Screen

Mithali seemed very moody with lots of hidden emotions within her soul. She is married for one week now. What seemed enthusiastic faded away like a mist. For twenty years she has lived the life of an angel. Her father was the best she could have wished for and her mother was the better than best soul who cares for this kid of hers from the day she came to earth. The very first cry, her first smile, her first touch, her first voice, her first food, her first crawl, her first tooth, her first standing posture, her first step, her first word, her first kiss, her first day out and so on.. till her first job her mother was happy for her and happy about her.

Mithali excelled in every aspect of her life. Now she is stuck between nowhere. She cannot go back, yet she wishes she could just walk away to her home to her mother. There seemed a huge wall of separation which blurred her vision of her home. She doesn’t know what to do. This is not her home, she wants to get away and leave. The height of the wall seemed growing every single day. She cannot tell her mother how she feels as her mother was so happy seeing her get married to a wonderful guy and for the wonderful family he got. Mahesh was a nice guy indeed. The fact is he is more than nice, he has tried to make her feel at home from the day she came home. But she has failed responding lost in her own thoughts and not knowing how to mingle with the new family she has got. She could feel the love he has got for her and at the same time she is not experiencing the same happiness with which she was alive and fresh in her place. The freedom she had now seemed to have vanished into the sky. She started crying with the same rain which has made her the happiest person in the world. Her mood got down with the same sunset which has raised her spirits up to evening music. Her smile faded for the same music which lighted her heart.

Mahesh informed her about the shift of home to new one he has bought and thought of giving it as a present to her after marriage. She responded not more than the lifeless doll. They shifted things and a fine auspicious day they moved in. It was a huge house with lots of space around making it more lively with plants. Mahesh showed her their new room in the first floor. She saw the room and went to see the view through the balcony. The balcony had a swing where two people can make themselves comfortable. She sat there and starred at the sky. There were some people talking on the other side bungalow. She turned and to her wildest surprise it was her mother and father talking with Mahesh. She knew no bounds of happiness. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She ran fast to her mother like she was just back home after the long school hours. Dimples became visible after what seemed like an eternity. She was happy once again. She could not thank Mahesh more but by being the best wife he can ever get. What seemed like a rock hard wall extending to the height of the sky now turned into a transparent lovely screen which neither blocks her vision and not prevents her from being a child to her ever loving parents.

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