Please note that this post has nothing to do with the actual lemon. Just take the Capitalized letters. What they mean to you? May be nothing. But for me it has started to mean something more than usual and more than just letters it has taken a transformation to show me the fundamental needs or so to say essence of Life. 42-21781127

You might remember memorizing the alphabets in your primary school days through a song. You go till L,M,N,O,P and then you pause and then start again with L,M,N.. In a strange way it highlights these letters more than others.

May be it is an abbreviation and from my point of view the expansion of which would read Love, Music and Nature. The three things one cannot be without. Every single being is surrounded by these three components and they are entwined within themselves and into your being and your living. Every direction you turn you will encounter with nature, music and of course love.

LOVE: You may think that it is not possible that wherever you go you’ll have your loved ones around. It is not that. A smile from the person whom you just a while ago crossed spreads love. A simple gesture of giving way to you while you are in the hurry to move ahead is an expression of love. A helping hand which collects the things you just dropped is a facet of love. And the indeed the nature around is a huge symbol of love. Music is possible when your heart knows to love. Love is through and by the following senses – To see someone Smile, To respond by giving a hug. This part is symbolic of the Goddess Durga.

MUSIC: Music is part of life. When there is nothing you can hear you feel terrible as if some part of you is not with you. Music is everywhere and even within you – the heart beats. The hustle of leaves when there is a mild breeze. The waves of the oceans. The sound of the bees and birds. The voice of a baby. The Music is from every nook and corner of nature around us. Music establishes and get established through the listening and singing. This part is symbolic of the Goddess Saraswathi.

42-20731069 NATURE: Nature, there is no you without nature. There is  no one without nature. Mother Nature embraces everything living and non-living. Nature is sky, sea, clouds, water, fire, wind, tide, breeze, trees, plants, animals, birds, earth, rainbow, desert, flowers, fruits, mountains, forests, and the whole universe inclusive of us humans. The air we breath is from nature. The water we drink is from nature. The food we eat is from Nature. The shelter we build is from nature. We are part and parcel of nature. The senses active are the smell of earth and the produce from earth like flowers, fruits, the sound of nature, the sight of nature, the touch of nature and the taste of nature. This part is symbolic of the Goddess Lakshmi.

Coming to LeMoN: As it represents all of them there should be something unique about it and that is the union of all senses. The squeezing sound, the fragrance, the taste, the look and the feel of lemon is indeed is as unique as the whole concept of life.

“Find Love, Create Music and Embrace Nature”