Better Parts and the Best parts

I am more confused about the way things pop up and evolve in life more than ever. My mood seems mostly confused and rarely enthusiasm bubbles. Is that only with me* !!! The best parts of are yet to come, and this hope is the only medicine I have to make myself come out of the frustrated mood. I know that I have to take things with a positive attitude, I know I should not spoil my mood on such trivial things, I know that living in the exact present moment with happiness is what is needed. Having known everything I should be doing at the moment, I am not able to do it all time. I cannot deny my actual emotions from surfacing. And a few moments later I myself console and cheer my own self to come out of the confused melancholic state and I make myself think of something nice or perhaps listen to some exciting music. Should make it a habit so that the child like happiness in me does not fade away and I want to keep my hearts age younger forever. If you are young by heart you are young by appearance as well. Hoping that the better parts and the best parts of my life is yet to come and will push me to the heights where I see myself on top of world enjoying life to the best and be the happiest person ever.