Long Awake


A long lazy night with music as company
Skipping the list of songs one after another
Finding nothing impressive as it used to be
Sleepless soul sees nothing beautiful as sleep

Laying sleepless with dreams of distant lands
Visions never seen before unfolds in front
Of the closed eyes and like magic you enter
Into the world of dreamers and dreams far

The chirps of evening birds, the whoosh
Of a distant falls, rabbits running home
Deers hopping swiftly, peacocks spreading
Squirrels eating fruits, sky pouring drizzles.

Walking down the less trodden mud lane
The night covers the forest and whooshing
Of the falls the only sound to be heard
The glorious moon on top of the hill

There seen was a yacht with the oars
Starting to sail along the flow of the water
Huge trees enveloping the banks of river
A tiny bridge bridging both the shores

Tie the boat on one shore, passed along
The little bridge and there you see a gate
Made of gold and silver glittering in the light
Of moon, without touching it opens to welcome

A fountain of water gliding like shining silver
A palace with the grandeur of the heaven
A door with a million holy bells ringing opens
Inside you get, there you see the unexpected..

Divinity of laying in mothers lap, finally I start sleeping.