Snap Trip

sacred fig leaves

Last weekend we went on South Tamilnadu tour :D. Nothing like a fun trip, but indeed was a nice trip. It involved mostly temple darshans only. Would not go into the details of the list of temples visited, but would love to discuss the nature found abundant throughout the travel. The climate was a blessing would say as it is hard to find cool drizzle days during hot summer months ;). Of the many trees on the way it was particularly refreshing to see the rain trees in full blossom of pink flowers, a blissful sight. And there were the sacred fig trees, cotton trees, Bougainvilleas and ofcourse palm trees all the way.

I got to say about the various birds on the way. In my place of residence I can find only ravens :(. I saw many parrots, kingfishers, rettai vaal kuruvis, pigeons, and many small birds whose names I do not know ;). And I could see the livestocks, squirrels etc. In one particular temple, they have maintained an awesome garden which had almost all kinds of flowers – A glorious sight to enjoy. [click on the links to see a few of the snaps which I’ve uploaded in flickr]

This week’s TED talk is about talking bacteria and here it is for you to watch. I think it would be easy for sci-grads to understand the details, but everyone are welcome to watch – it is not that hard an English ;). It is really informative and has opened a new era of possible inventions in the field of antibiotics.