Bizzare State Of Mind

She was not that pretty, yet she has something which puts her in first place wherever she goes. But she was not the kind to interact invariably with all those she meets. Highly selective in relationships is her way of life. And she found it the best way to be. Only one person she finds intriguing to speak to is Madhav. The very name makes her eyes shine with warmth and love. And she never knew whether the love she has any meaning to him or does he even think of her as a friendly person. He had never spoke with her more than few words at a time. Finding the right words to express things is a tough job for her and it has always been. Malya felt herself at the nook of her emotions not knowing how to make things possible, missing the current situation might cause her serious loses far more than imagination. She cannot bear the wounds of failing without even expressing her love which is better than knowing the result and then bear the happiness or pain or both. Making her mind up she reaches for the phone. Without much thoughts to it she dialed the 10 digit mobile number without a mistake, even though she seldom called him over phone. The ring goes for the third time and she hangs up. With the gush of a million thoughts both positive and negative she could hardly manage to do the usual things she does and how do you expect her to do the important tasks like calling her first love.

Then again she tries to call but in vain. She drops the idea of calling and chooses to write a note on a card. She reaches to the local gift shop and was browsing through all those lovely collection of beautiful cards but none seemed unique to express herself. Then she thinks a good book could do the job and so she enters the Book Park. Having a passion for fantasy fictions she goes through the rack. She finds a book by the name of ‘Miraculous Love’. The title has the nice tone to match her feelings for him. She picks the book and writes a note “For 20 years I had written a million paras. And now I am out of alphabets to say my love to you – Malya” and she asks to gift wrap it. She collects the box and reaches for the nearest flower shop and buys a red rose. Then she takes a autorickshaw to Madhav’s house. She waits after ringing the door bells. She knew that he stays alone in a rented house there. Madhav opens the door and his cool dazzling look puts a magical dust over. She finds herself dumbstruck. Oh my God!

Madhav shakes her back to life. And there they are in the drawing room of his small apartment. She knows nothing but to look embarrassed. She forgot the prupose she came. She lost the strength to even look at him. She picks the bag and stands up to leave. Madhav convinces her to sit, the usual formalities to a new guest. He goes inside to bring some ice tea. They both had the nice made ice tea and a little chat which contained about a total of twenty words both. She had completely lost ability to disclose things by then. She concluded saying that she came by this side to meet a friend and was lost finding the home and that she saw the bike standing outside which she identified as his and so she entered to see him. Finishing the conversation she stood up and started to leave. Coming out of the door she turned back and had a final glance at her beloved with pain. Then he locked the door and moved in. She stood still for a moment and then decided to keep the gift at his doorstep so that he atleast knows her love for him. She leaves the gift with the rose on top of it. Without making a scene she left the premise.

Reaching home her heart was filled with immense pain and a little satisfaction of being able to leave a note of love. She lays on her bed and starts thinking of the happenings from morning till now. A little smile crossed her lips thinking of the few pulses she spent with him even though nothing much was spoken. Rolling she finds her bag over the table. Inside the transparent bag she could see a red rose. What! I kept the rose there itself then how come another rose is here. It was exactly the one she picked for her love. Then a past vision passed her mind, she recalled that the rose she kept at his home was a pink one. She reaches to pick the bag and she finds a little book ‘Love – a bizzare state of mind’ and the first page read “To my Love for two years, from a stupid who started loving you from the first moment – I LOVE YOU – Madhav”. Reading the final word she was not in this world. She ran as fast as she could to reach her love of life with her little heart pounding in greatest speed ever and stopped in midway to see the same person, to meet whom she would have waited a life time. Their hearts slipped a beat together and their life began the moment their eyes finally had a meeting for more than a minute.