Vohai Cupid

Things were far more than real. She never ever imagined anything of such kind could happen in her life. What she was seeing is par imagination. Mika was in Pluto which once was called a Planet. And she never imagined in her wildest dreams of being able to even see Pluto, her favorite planet since childhood. Only one companion she had and that was a funny X-generation robot Vohai with the artificial intelligence to interact like a human.

Vohai for Voice optimized human-like artificial intelligence.

Vohai – This dwarf is kool don’t you think!

Mika – Dwarf!! mind you, Pluto is my fav planet ever.

Vohai – Oh! O! sorry babe. But they have excluded Pluto from the Planet group. Don’t you know?

Mika – I do know. But I cannot change my childhood beliefs.

Vohai – If your belief were that strong, then why didn’t it change the future?

Mika – who will talk to you!

Vohai – Me.. who else!! LOL

Mika – OMG.. where have you brought me with such a stupid companion. I cannot even enjoy the view here.

A sparkling thing falls into the plutonic surface a few miles away. Mika reaches to see what it was and Vohai follows..

Mika finds  brilliant sparks of light and could not find from where it was coming. As she reached close the sparkle went down slowly to reveal the thing. It was a little cupid with his sparkling arrow.

Mika – Haa! what day is it!! I see surprises one after other! Hi Cupid! How are you? And How come you are here? (with a suspicious look)

Cupid – Lady! I was fulfilling my orders to aim the cupid arrow on you. And unfortunately I being too small was carried here along with the arrow leaving my bow up there.

Vohai shows abnormal signs of malfunction hearing all this.

BANG.. bow falls over Cupid’s head.

Cupid – oh my God! Thank you! But don’t you have intentions saving me by pulling me back up there! He started crying.

Mika – Don’t cry Cupid.

Cupid – May be he thinks that he’ll pick me up after I finish the task assigned. Let me pull the arrow and aim at you. He pulls the arrow.

Mika – Stop.. Whom do you think would become my partner after you finished targeting the arrow on me. Only this Vohai and I’m here. Oh God! Are you thinking of binding a robot to myself. This is against the laws of nature. I’ll not allow it. Please stop.

Vohai – Oh! I am in love with this girl already. Blinks and goes off again seeing Cupid.

Cupid – That I cannot say lady. I’ve to fulfill my orders. He release the arrow upon Mika.

And quicker than the ray of light he vanishes from wherever he came from. Mika stood speechless. Vohai opened his optical lens and sees no Cupid and feels normal as before.

Vohai – Mika babe! wake up. We need to leave. Signals have come for us to close down the venture and depart asap.

Mika – No I can’t my love is here. I cannot leave my love here and reach home.

Vohai – What? Are you nuts? There is no one here. Let us quicken up. I am setting myself to launch from here.

Mika – no my love… she faints

Vohai picks her up. They reach the blue planet Earth. Mika was lost in herself. She was lovestruck and her love was not near. Mika left her love of life in Pluto there. When can she see him again. She cried and cried and cried. Night came and she drifted into sleep without her knowing it. Suddenly someone hisses “I Love You My Lady”. She wakes up and sees no one near except the glass window by her side. A twinkle. And she sees her love there among the million stars. She sees her love “Pluto”.