Eeram and Race

Today saw the Tamil movie “Eeram” and yesterday night saw the Hindi movie “Race”. So here is my review towards both movies. “Race” was one for which I was waiting for more time as it was recommended more than twice by my dear dosth Zen. Saifu is so cute 😉 And an awesome awesome movie plot with a lot of twists and turns. Deliver the unexpected when not expected might have been their motto while making the movie and definitely they’ve succeeded. And also one song which takes your heart away is Pehli nazar mein.. by Atif Aslam.

[picapp src=”0083/1e0c5c5b-4f7b-47ed-af5b-6bb69a1746a3.jpg?adImageId=6312317&imageId=87042″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

“Eeram” is still eeram in my heart 😉 as I finished watching it just now. A neat making should say and this one was recommended by two of mine cousins ranjan and yagee. The linking of the signs before every homicide is an intelligent move. Though they don’t actually show the bhooth, they have succeeded in maintaining the thrill and tempo of the movie.  Strange fact as for me is that the most favorite color of mine – red and my most loved aspect of nature – rain/water are the indicators before every death in the movie, pretty strange la!!! ha ha haaaaaaaaa…

[P.S – the names of my friend and cousins are coded so that only I can recognize and recollect it when reading back ;)]