Tiny Speck

So I’ve come up with a beautiful theme for this blog. yay..  I had planned to link either a book or a movie or for that matter even a song to inspire me and would have something in common to the topic of discussion. Nevertheless, there would be a BING wallpaper and song treat for every new blog post.

‘Horton’ is an animation movie in which the lead character Horton the elephant would find a tiny speck from which he heard tiny voices. Only he could listen to the little voices from inside and he understood there were little people inside the speck. But no one believes him. The story continues which I will not be telling here. The point is, think of that tini-tiny microscopic member of that speck and you suddenly realize you are only that much a size in the whole multiverse of universes. Our mind is as vast as the space and yet we are too small when compared to the exuberant vastness of creation.

Current Song: I belong to me by Jessica Simpson.