Rain Bird

Aizwa was looking at the moon through her window. She wondered anything that has happened so fas was real! Eshwar came over and they both sat chatting routine stuff. Her eyes were glued to the lamp spilling rainbow colors to the entire room. A glimpse and she traversed to the Dreamscapes standing and  looking at the spectacular vision of the field of roses. Mahe was with her as always and Nature Goddess – Mother Iyarkai approached them from behind . Mother Iyarkai continued telling what was happening in the “Swaboomi” as she names the dreamscapes. “This land was once Swargaboomi, Swarnaboomi and now it is ‘Swaboomi’ your swapnaboomi. This is a parallel universe though you may think it is absurd. Only a few can traverse to and fro this place. And those few are gifted souls who can interact with us here and sometimes even help us from the catastrophic events of this world. One thing you must understand though, that our universes are closely linked to the extent that when something bad happens in either universe it is a reflection of something bad happening in the other universe and so preventing one will save the other. And now I think something bad is approaching in fast pace.”

Ikcha could not believe her words and yet something was more than true in her eyes, of course she is a Goddess why would she even think of lying to a little soul like her. Mother Iyarkai continued “This time I am afraid it is going to affect this universe more than yours. I saw the consequences of some bad soul’s doings here, everything green and fresh turned to ashes in no time. I am afraid you must leave to your univ now. Use the ‘Seed of Nature’, it will bring back life. But remember there are always signs spilled around you which will remind you to come back here. It is the sign of the Rain Bird – ‘Vanshi’. You’ll learn to read the signs soon enough for you are the warriors of Nature.” Suddenly they could see brilliant colors flashing from outside, they all went out to witness the extra ordinary, the Rain bird with brilliant rainbow colored tail feathers and shining eyes like that of a star. The eyes winked and back in her room she found herself looking at the fountain lamp spilling rainbow colors into the dark room.

Eshwar was sitting beside her and was talking something about the destruction plans of the nearby forest area for construction of multiplex. This brought her to the real world and she tried to connect the parts of puzzle and she could go nowhere without the many missing pieces. They both left the home to take a walk on the mud path when it started to drizzle and she realized may be if they can somehow stop the deforestation here, may be that would prevent the mishaps in swaboomi!! She wondered…



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