The 13th Warrior Veronika In Terabithia

Note: Please read further coz this is an updated post to include two more book reviews. A way for me to keep record of the few books I have read.

veronikaVeronika Decides to Die, a book I started late and finished soon. I picked up this book though I already had two books started and had gone quarter way through them 😉 LOL. And let me document that it is was a not a easy task to find this one. Sometimes small books bring in much insight and inspiration than big books. Though should warn you people initially it is more hospital stuff and not suitable for kids. The essence of the book is to bring back the desire to live.

Be crazy enough to go extents to follow your dreams and never care what others might think for all are equally crazy. A message to remind about living each moment, to not hide emotions, to never stop dreaming, to express love without hesitation, to never give upon dreams.. coz all this can cause mental sickness which may not surface immediately but will surely have an effect physically. Also do not back up because everyone will think you are different and act differently, that difference is the one thing that makes you unique. bridgetoterabithia

Bridge to Terabithia is a cute fable of a boy called Jesse and his one and only friend Leslie. The characters which spread fragrance like that of a fresh blossom along with Jesse and Leslie are Jesse’s little sister May belle and Miss Bessie, the cow though does not interact much it silently finds a cool spot in your heart. How an imaginary palace you secretly create and rule can have a positive effect on your attitude towards your life is a pleasure to read. Reminds greatly of the nostalgic school days and how everyone’s life is altered in very many ways according to the school she/he goes or the friends she/he gets. The moments we crave for a friendly heart by your side. The moment when you first experience the death of close one. The moment when you become big enough to lead your younger ones. The moment you cherish when you are with your favorite teacher. The moments were you be yourself when around close friends. The magic of friendship. It’s all about magic, friendship and life. Recommended by my sweet friend *Minerva.

Eaters-of-the-Dead_lEaters of the dead is most part about the observatios made by the 13th warrior Ibn Fadlan, an Arab who by fate happens to travel with the Norsemen or popularly ‘Vikings’ through North (present Russia) and eventually becomes one among them and fights against the most dreaded creatures ‘The Mist Monsters’ whom we presume as Neanderthals who might have lived till thousand years ago in 922 AD.

You never can guess the point when the facts shared by Ibn Fadlan blends with the authors’ fiction. Anyway, it does not forget to leave a long lasting impression upon your mind for so were the detailed descriptions and thrilling adventures envisioned as you read through the book. I am glad my friend Vishnu recommended this one more than twice.

P.S: Don’t have the illusion that I am an avid reader, the passion for books have just begun..