Doordarshan Goldies

Today started with and continues with nostalgia of the golden childhood memories. Splendid enough in every way. ‘Doordarshan’ the one channel then and the best nevertheless. I am still searching for a few of the goldies telecast that time, not the whole just the title songs. Such beautiful music and memories associated with it. Chandrakanta is the one serial for which the title song was no where to be found 😦 yet managed the initial bit at least after a long search through stupid links and sites. Thanks to coolgoose. And below you can listen to the patriotic songs and lovely goldies from Doordarshan which I collected today and compiled into a playlist.

Found this blog dedicated to Nostalgic “Doordarshan”, you can find a collection of clips from various DD programmes. A wonderful find for me today. Ek chidiya anekh chidiya video is added below, makes me think if this was the inspiration for the song yeh tara woh tara har tara from ‘Swades’ 😉