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Its like a dream come true that we got an iPod Touch. Though I am not the only one to enjoy it all time, its fun and it was a really great thing that has happened to me. A pleasure to be with like a musical friend. I have about 1200 songs in my ipod touch. The touch generation is fascinating to experience. Blissful to be able to listen to all time favourites whenever I feel like listening. I started to explore more music coz the songs became repetetive and that is a good thing to explore more and more, right? I got to say that maintaining it needs patience and yes skill. Patience coz the syncing and software updates takes loads of time. What skill! you may ask, I would say a wide knowledge about computers and ipod and if not that atleast a neat skill to find through browsing the world wide web to know how to do things. It is easy to manually manage songs coz it takes less time and you can add songs instantly, yet I prefer syncing because when I want to scrobble to only this way works fine.

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I would go on and on about the various applications especially free ones, I’m not one to spend my fathers money on trivial things you see 😉 So far only one application is a paid one and that too I added for my little nephew. So how can you manage your virtual life with free applications is what is the trick. Today I would tell about one of the apps. For most of the applications the pre requisite is a Wi-fi connection. Can’t do anything without it sorry fellas, I tried to work out without it and ended in vain. But yes there are a few apps which you can transfer through itunes to ipod sync.


I use stanza application for this purpose. You need to download stanza desktop software and also you have to install stanza ipod application in your pod. Its your job either to buy ebook or to find free ebook verisons of the books you would like to read. Next step is to change the format of the ebook to open ebook format using stanza desktop and save it. Create an account in Upload the open ebook format ebooks to your account. From your ipod touch: open stanza app and go to online catalog and find the last option for tab, log in using your username and password and click on the book you want to download and click download. The book will get saved in your stanza ipod touch application and you can read it whenever you feel like reading even when you are offline from Wi-fi connection.

TIP: always use the little cloth you get with the ipod touch to wipe its surface or else scratch formation is inevitable and use a flip type cover which is available specific to ipod touch and iphone.