Frozen jiffy

High Wave

Location: Pondicherry rocky shore.

I took about 20 something shots before capturing this moment. It came out great. 😀 And now some ramblings begin.. Finding stuff at home is often tricky. We forget when the last time we took it and where you saw it last. Vague memories confuse your vision pretty well and you search in all possible areas of suspicion and you waste a whole day for nothing but a load of dust and garbage cleared out. So you complete a job you didn’t plan for which you didn’t have time to or didn’t feel like doing whenever you think of doing it and you are still lacking the thing you were searching for. Its always like the thing you are searching for becomes so very important and precious whereas you never even thought of it earlier. It turns out that the thing is safe somewhere else. Why is it the thing you desperately search for kindles your energy and curiosity which brings alive the spirit of life!

Current Song: Mudi Mudi from Paa ——->