Carbon Credit

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The current buzz/biz talk in the environment and global warming scenarios is the carbon credit/carbon offset values. Every household plays a part in leaving a carbon footprint into the environment which is calculated in tonnes/year. Not to ask the huge industries which are magnanimous in the amount of carbon footprints they leave behind in the environment.  To compensate for the damage they are doing to the environment they buy the carbon credits or carbon offset points. Carbon credits are the techniques like plantation or extensive tree farms which reabsorb the CO2 from the environment or inventions which leave a negative carbon footprint. A few examples are

  • using clean energy providers like that from solar, wind or tidal waves.
  • using biofuels which either are carbon neutral or carbon negative.

Bio-fuels are carbon neutral in a the way that they are derived from bio-mass which previously absorbed CO2 from the environment when they were plants. The concept and process is quite tricky in the way they make everything a business and pretend that by paying sums to green technology they are Eco-friendly. In the process they forget the damage that has already been done and they fail to invent ways to repair the damage. It was the best way to use current energy that is from sun like in earlier days which was renewable. We found fossil fuels which are preserved form of energy in the dried dead leaves from the trees which were present millions of years ago which had their carbon from the past environment and the energy from the sun which rose millions of years ago and is non renewable in the fact that it took millions of years to accumulate and form into energy source.

Based on these issues is the International Climate Conference is on the go now, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark in which 193 countries are taking part.


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