Know Me / You !?!

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The biggest nightmare in any relationship is the fear that you won’t be able to know what the other person feels about what you are saying, or how they will feel later the same day after many things have been said. Sometimes the effect is immediate dispute and other times it takes a little time for the other person to ponder upon the things you said and then the dispute will start or it will remain dormant and will erupt in a bigger situation adding fuel to the already raw wounds.

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Sometimes the meaning will be obvious like ‘ I don’t like the way you do this’ and many times the meaning will be subtle and indirect making it hard to understand what they intend to say. And some other times the meaning would be straight opposite of what the other person saying. And it is wonder sometimes you yourself don’t realize what you are saying or what your words may mean to someone. So say now which is hard knowing self or others?!?

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