Firsts in life…

I am extremely glad that live spaces chose WordPress as their platform for blogging and so my long time wish to combine my first blog with the WordPress blog came true. ‘nature’ – my first ever blog created with the help of msn spaces is now united with the wp platform and yes all my posts and comments are intact also the viewership (which is very few ;)) as they automatically redirect my live space to my dreamscapes. Been wanting to write often here and i really wish this time I don’t give a break sooner. After marriage there were many first times in life and most memorable would be the trekking experience in Munnar – Kerala. We went to Sita devi lake which was located back up hill-side of our resort. This flower arrangement is from Munnar too. The recent first time thing was me playing the car racing video game in a mall. I always wanted to do it and I did it. It was fun yaaron. Tell me your first time first which you would remember forever.

Current Music: Baby by Justin Beiber